"The suffering of a patient when affected by an injury, illness or disability is immense. Physiotherapy will put an end to that suffering."

Tuesday, 20 June 2017 06:45


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Low back pain does not merely arise from your discs (inter-vertebral Discs) alone. There are many other reasons which can cause low back pain, like strained Muscles in the area, faulty postures of sitting and standing, faulty posture while bending and lifting, weak core muscles in the abdomen, etc.

Disc bulge or disc herniation or disc prolapse is just one reason to get low back pain. A skilled physiotherapist can assess the problem correctly using various special tests to indentify the cause of the pain and treat it as soon as possible. We can guide them with proper posture correction, muscle strengthening exercises, release tight muscles if any, release Myofascial Trigger Points if any, etc.

Come and get your low back assessed and get the pain out of your back!!!!!

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