"The suffering of a patient when affected by an injury, illness or disability is immense. Physiotherapy will put an end to that suffering."



Physiotherapy without manual therapy is like fish without water. Hands-on manual therapy is the essence of Physiotherapy. We use many result oriented, evidence based manual therapy techniques to treat conditions like Knee pain, Shoulder pain, ankle pain, neck pain and mid back pain, lower back pain, etc. It gives instant results many times. We use techniques which are known as Maitland's, Mulligan's, Kaltenborne's, McKenzie's, Neurodynamics, Cyraix's, etc to name a few. We are qualified, certified and experienced in each of these techniques.


One can experience many types of pain based on the sensation one feels like dull aching, sharp shooting, pinching type, shocking type, etc. The other types are Acute or Chronic based on the duration of the pain. Chronic pain is the one which lasts for more than 12 weeks. Most often, chronic pain syndromes need to be addressed holistically because of the involvement of many higher centers of the body. We are experts in addressing them using many treatment tools like Correction of Pathomechanics, Dry needling therapy, Manual therapy, Pain Neuro Science Education tools, Cognitive Behavioral therapy, etc.


Taping is a very popular treatment tool in the field of physiotherapy, more so in sports. Taping is an efficient way of treating musculoskeletal injuries, be it acute or chronic. There are different types of taping techniques. We do Sports taping, Kinesiology taping, Athletic taping based on the type of tape used. We expertise in doing Mulligan taping, McConnell Taping, Kinesio taping, etc based on the concept used for taping individual conditions. The basic benefits of taping are;

  • Provide protection
  • Provide support
  • Permit optimal function
  • Enhance healing of injured tissues
  • Promote early return to sports/activity
  • Avoid compensatory injury of other tissues


Dry needling Therapy (Myofascial Trigger Point Dry Needling) is the use of very thin solid filiform needles for treating Muscle pains due to Myofascial Trigger Points.

Myofascial Pains or Muscle pains are caused by Myofascial Trigger points which consists of Multiple Contraction Knots in the muscles, which are related to production and maintenance of Pain Cycles. Commonly experienced pains like Upper back Pain, Neck Pain, Shoulder Region Pain, Forearm Pain, Lower Back Pain, Thigh Pain, Calf Muscle Pain, Heel Pain, etc are most often of this origin. People suffering with unexplained pain syndromes often get benefit out of this therapy.


Ergonomics is a science of understanding how an individual can be made to suit his or her workplace / jobsite and vice versa. The latest burning issue in the IT industry is musculoskeletal problems in the young population because of improper workstation and improper body posture while working. Long hours of sitting itself makes one vulnerable to many types of bodily pains and dysfunction. We create awareness in these companies by giving talks on these issues and screen them for pain syndromes or improper postures and address them by giving posture correction exercises and correcting the workstation according to the individual.