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Thursday, 29 June 2017 06:12


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Cervicogenic  headache is a term which refers to headache arising out of the neck. It doesn’t come from the head per se. It originates from the structures around the upper neck and spreads across the back of the head and sometimes to the sides as well till the eyes.

Mostly it occurs on one side of the head, which is distinctive. But it may be both the sides also if both the neck structures are involved. A skilled physiotherapist in the only professional who can identify this type of head ache and assess the same and treat it as well. Come and get an assessment done thoroughly from the experts themselves and get rid of the headache that is bothering you for so long.

We not only treat your headache completely, but teach you lifestyle modification techniques, preventive exercises and correct head & neck postures which will prevent the headache from recurring.

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